Contract of Sale

Did You Know…

That a Contract of Sale for a Real Estate Transaction, can have a number of conditions that can affect both the Seller and the Buyer.

Conditions are any written requirements on a contract that are agreed in writing by both the Seller and the Buyer.

For example, some common conditions may include;

  • Settlement Date
  • Deposit
  • Chattels
  • Finance Approval
  • Structural Report
  • Termite Report

There are many others that can also be included, but the most important points to remember with all conditions are;

  • Who is paying and responsible for the conditions to be satisfied
  • What is to be completed
  • When is it to be completed

Another important point to remember is what happens if the “Who, What and When” are not satisfied.

Clear and concise written conditions, signed/initialled/dated by all parties of the contract are very important, so to avoid any problems or delays nearing settlement.

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